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One factory with one office both located Pearl River Delta and providing worldwide service

GM-TECH specialises in manufacturing plastic injection molds and providing injection molding service . GM-TECH is particularly active in the following industries: Automotive, home appliances, electronic products ,medical and industrial. We own modern and leading equipment: High-speed Processing CNC, EDM Machine , Wire Cut Machine , Precision Projector, CMM, hardness tester and on-line checking system , and Injection Molding Machine etc…

We are a systems provider for technical plastic components. In the spirit of a “one-stop shop”, our own tool workshop as well as an assembly and an international sales service. We have an injection moulding process with a component load capacity of up to 2 kg in a large machine , carring out assembly of complex component modules and offer painting and other finishing services all accompanied by the most sophisticated of logistics processes.

Production capacity:

Foundation: 2010
Employees: 80
Area: 2500 m²
Monthly output 30+ sets
10 T travelling crane
100T - 450 T injection machine

Service :

Mold manufacture
Injection moulding
Mould design
Manager projects

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