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From small parts that demand precision to voluminous injection molds crafted to detailed specifications, GM-TECH provides the equipment, technical support, and climate-controlled space needed to manufacture molds of all sizes and materials. With up to 10-ton overhead cranes as well as 3-axis CNC and EDM machining, we produce injection molds from 50 to 1,200 tons, including gun drilling, boring, spotting and final assembly.

In addition to low employee turnover, our process managers demonstrate more than decades average years of shop floor experience. We look forward to receiving your challenge!

CNC Milling      EDM      Wire cutting

CNC Milling

With our  modern and high-performance imported machines, we are able to manufacture high precision molds.  Almost work can be done by high speed CNC and the rotation speed can reach 12,000 per minute with the accuracy up to 0.005mm Our machines are directly connected to the CAM department so that the programmes can be uploaded online.


We use electrocorrosion for manufacturing injection mold components where the CNC cannot be processed.

For the material of the electrode, we will choose copper or graphite according to the specific conditions of the mold part.

In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of each part and save the operation time, our company has used Erowa fixture. High efficiency is our company's service tenet.

Wire cutting

We not only the high speed CNC but also 6 sets Sodick slow wire cutting machine which are imported from Japan so we can produce high precision components and the accuracy up to 0.005mm . with a work area measuring 600mm x 400mm x 400mm . A feed speed of up to 26mm/min (for a 5mm aluminium sheet) and angles up to 15° are possible with our machines. This applies no matter if the steel is hardened or simply tempered. This process is used for producing pegs, cores or inserts. However we also produce openings for flat, block, rounded and oblique ejector pins in the same way.

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