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Injection Molding

At GM-TECH, Advanced Molding Technologies help us maximize efficiencies for our customers, stay on the cutting edge of our industry. Our investment in technology helps reduce overall product cost and time to market.

Our molding department is staffed by experienced molding processing technicians. Equipped with a dozen of advanced injecting machines ranging from 50 tons to 450 tons, you are guaranteed to receive the good quality parts from our skilled engineers and workers. We possess the deep understanding and extensive experience in a wide variety of injection molding technologies and production methods to assist customers in transforming innovative ideas into reality.

Molding production

Our injection molding machine is suitable for try out injection molds, small batch production and mass production. The injection molding machine adopts automatic robotic hand picking products, and in order to ensure product quality, QC will sample products every hour.

Gas assisted injection moulding

The internal gas-assisted process uses a unique moulding post filling composed of two fluids. Liquid thermoplastics of the desired viscosity make up the first constituent while the second is made of gas - usually nitrogen (N2). After the mould filling, the gas then flows into the core of the molten mass. The fluids generally do not mix. A foam structure, such as is desired in a TSG process (foaming), cannot be achieved with GID and is not the desired result. In comparison to the classic multi-component technique (sandwich process) with two molten masses, gas as a second constituent has two significant properties:

  • negligible viscosity
  • high compressibility

This means a number of differences compared to the sandwich technique.

However some component guidelines must be observed in order to ensure the success of this process.

Tandem Technology

When two similar plastic components with different shot weights are supposed to be produced using the same machine for economic reasons, then tandem technology offers a clear financial advantage. If both parts are to be automatically assembled or welded together then tandem technology is the preferred process.
Coko has the machine technologies required in a range of different clamping forces.

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