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In order to provide customers with a comprehensive service we are using our out-resourcing to help our customer to save time and money. we can provide customers with secondary processing of small batch injection products. For example: Painting, Printing, Silk & Pad print, Laser etching, Ultrasound and the last  Assembly

Pad Printing

GM-TECH makes plastic components for you which not only work but which also looks good too.  Almost every plastic component can be cleanly and precisely printed or decorated using a pad printing process. This is especially important when the batch size is smaller and inline printing using the injection moulding machine is not economically viable.

Assembly Lines

Our industrial engineering department specialises in assembling complex modules with integrated tests, be these fully or semi-automated. In collaboration with the clients, requirements are implemented into the desired level of quality. Trained employees satisfy customers requirements in terms of quality and punctuality.

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